Youth Day in Pakistan 2025

March 11, 2025 in Pakistan

Youth Day in Pakistan is observed on March 11, 2025. Youth Day is celebrated annually in Pakistan with another motto all about the huge importance of the youth. Especially in developing countries all hope lies on the young generation, meaning the young people under 24, as the United Nations define. In Pakistan more than half of the population is of that age and they emphasize their potential on Youth Day in Pakistan every year.

It is the aim to support youth activities all over the country to motivate and strengthen boys and girls to become well educated and responsible people that will one day bring their country further ahead. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South Asia; the capital city is Islamabad.

Where is Youth Day in Pakistan?
When is Youth Day in Pakistan?
Tuesday, the 11th of March 2025
Only 236 days left!

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