Youth Day in Venezuela 2025

February 12, 2025 in Venezuela

Youth Day in Venezuela takes place on February 12, 2025. Youth Days are celebrated in many nations on different dates to put a strong emphasis on the important role of the youth concerning the social and economic future of a country. There are parades and youth events such as sportive or cultural projects organized. But in Venezuela there is also a very sad association to their Youth Day.

It commemorates the teenage soldiers that lost their lives or got crippled during the Venezuelan War of Independence. That was a Spanish American War that took place in Venezuela and New Granada from 1810 until 1823. Youth Day in Venezuela is most of all dedicated to the boys and girls that died in the Battle of La Victora in La Victoria, when the United Provinces of Venezuela tried to rise up against the Spanish Empire forces.

Where is Youth Day in Venezuela?
When is Youth Day in Venezuela?
Wednesday, the 12th of February 2025
Only 232 days left!

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