Youth Day in Zambia 2025

March 12, 2025 in Zambia

Youth Day in Zambia is celebrated on March 12, 2025. Youth Day is celebrated annually in Zambia as a public holiday. Ministers, like the Health Minister or the Social Welfare Minister, and members of the National Service visit schools and join in the festivities. Teachers and children dance together and sing modern and traditional choreographs and songs.

On Youth Day in Zambia everything is decorated with flowers and flags, especially for the commemoration of Zambia’s history. There are also sports activities in the stadiums. The Republic of Zambia is a country in Africa’s South with Lusaka as capital city. On Youth everyone emphasizes the importance of the youth to bring the country further ahead.

Where is Youth Day in Zambia?
When is Youth Day in Zambia?
Wednesday, the 12th of March 2025
Only 290 days left!

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