National Jelly Bean Day

Apr 22, 2024 National Jelly Bean Day 2024 USA
Apr 22, 2025 National Jelly Bean Day 2025 USA

Information about National Jelly Bean Day

Different Jelly Beans

Significance: National Jelly Bean Day is a day to enjoy jelly beans, because they are not just for Easter. The colorful beans can be enjoyed year round and are celebrated on this special food holiday. The flavors are limited only by the imagination of candy makers.

Food Holidays
Eating jelly beans; decorating the home with jelly beans; experiencing the Jelly Belly Factory Tour; making jewelery from jelly beans; decorating cakes and cupcakes with jelly beans; adding jelly beans to a hot drink; playing blindfold tasting games with friends; trying new jelly bean flavors; buying jelly beans; giving jelly beans as a gift
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Jelly Bean Day

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