Ascension of Jesus 2025

May 29, 2025 in the World

Ascension of Jesus

The feast Ascension of Jesus is celebrated in 2025 on May 29. The Ascension of Jesus is the Christian doctrine from the New Testament of the moment when the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven in his resurrection body, in the presence of eleven of his Apostles. According to the doctrine, he was returning to his Father and his heavenly throne, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father in heaven. An angel told the watching disciples that Jesus' second coming would take place in the same manner as his ascension. Jesus died circa 30 by Crucifixion at the hands of the Romans.

The Ascension is one of the great feasts in the Christian liturgical calendar, and commemorates the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Ascension Day is traditionally celebrated on a Thursday, the fortieth day from Easter day. However, some Roman Catholic provinces have moved the observance to the following Sunday. The feast is one of the ecumenical feasts (i.e., universally celebrated), ranking with the feasts of the Passion, of Easter and Pentecost.

Certain customs were connected with the liturgy of this feast, such as the blessing of beans and grapes after the Commemoration of the Dead in the Canon of the Mass, the blessing of first fruits, afterwards done on Rogation Days, the blessing of a candle, the wearing of mitres by deacon and subdeacon, the extinguishing of the paschal candle, and triumphal processions with torches and banners outside the churches to commemorate the entry of Christ into heaven.

In some countries it is a public holiday; Germany also holds its Fathers' Day on the same date. (From: Wikipedia)

Where is Ascension of Jesus?
When is Ascension of Jesus?
Thursday, the 29th of May 2025
Only 350 days left!

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