Beverage Day 2022

May 6, 2022 in the USA

Beverage Day takes place on May 06, 2022. It is undefined what kind of beverage should be honored on Beverage Day. For that reason everyone who wants to take part in this event can simply go and enjoy his own favourite beverage. This might be self-made lemonade, a special cocktail, juice or even a hot drink like coffee, milk or tea.

On Beverage Day it is a good idea to invite friends and enjoy some beverages. Maybe you can mix a new beverage and create a new recipe for punch. Beverage Day is a day to be creative, have fun with family and friends and lean back to relax and enjoy your favourite beverage. Adding nice decorations and using special glasses also is a great option to feel good while having your drink. Cheers!

Where is Beverage Day?
When is Beverage Day?
Friday, the 6th of May 2022
Only 99 days left!

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