Christopher Street Day 2025

June 28, 2025 in the World

Colorful rainbow swimming trunks on Christopher Street Day.

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and other sexual minorities celebrate themselves on June 28, 2025 because it’s Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Europe. At the same time they demonstrate against discrimination and social excluding and for equality. Everywhere in the world there are colorful festive events taking place outside on the streets. Other names for the Christopher Street Day are Gay Pride or Rainbow Parade and they are all variations of the LGBT Pride events in Northern America.

The origin of the Christopher Street Day feast is in the USA. The bar “Stonewall Inn” in Christopher Street Day in New York has been crashed by the police on the evening before June 28 in 1969. Violent raids of the police in gay bars happened quiet often back then. But on that very night the gay men fought back and a violent battle occurred. Those riots lasted several days and led to a new emancipation movement. The CSD still commemorated that Stonewall Riots.

Traditionally people wave the rainbow flag on Christopher Street Day. It symbolizes the self esteem of gay people. Rainbow colors are usually also part of the clothing of the revelers. Worldwide the six rainbow colors also stand for peace and tolerance and so they hit the agenda of Christopher Street Day perfectly. The parades on Christopher Street Day are comparable to carnival events or techno parades. Colorfully decorated vehicles make their way through masses of people through the city centers, they play music and dance. A lot of uncovered skin and freely shown homosexual erotic belong strongly to the feast. Not every CSD event takes place on June 28, but due to the good weather, most of them are in summer.

Christopher Street Day is more and more a stage for politicians who want to show how open minded they are. In some countries political parties have their own vehicles as a part of the parade. Around the cheerful parade there are often many other events organized about gay pride and sex education. Information desks, stages and kiosks entertain the public also after the actual event. Parties and dancing take place, too.

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Saturday, the 28th of June 2025
Only 341 days left!

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