Corn Fritters Day 2024

July 16, 2024 in Welt

Corn Fritters Day is celebrated on July 16, 2024. Southerner or not: Enjoy some corn-fritters on Corn Fritters Day! The origin of this tasty and maybe a bit greasy snack is in the South of the US. Traditionally corn, the main ingredient of corn fritters is cultivated in the Southern States. The best way to take part in Corn Fritters Day is of course to make and eat a lot of corn fritters. Inviting friends and have a corn fritters party would be even better and help to popularize this snack.

Corn fritters are served as a meal, a side or also a dessert. It is corn embedded in a doughnut-paste and then fried or baked. As a dessert it can be sweetened with some honey, fruits or sugar. It is also possible to create an own delicious corn fritters recipe on Corn Fritters Day. Corn fritters can be made in different sizes. One can have small finger-bites or really big ones like a pizza.

Where is Corn Fritters Day?
When is Corn Fritters Day?
Tuesday, the 16th of July 2024
Only 25 days left!

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