Day of German Butterbrot 2024

September 27, 2024 in Germany

A German "Butterbrot" (bread with butter) beneath a pack of German butter.

Enjoy a very good breakfast on September 27, 2024, the Day of German Butterbrot in Germany. “Butterbrot” is German for a piece of buttered bread. This day was initiated in 1999 by the marketing department of German agribusiness (CMA) and had a special topic each year until 2008. The CMA had been winded up in 2009. But still fans of German Butterbrot celebrate the Day of German Butterbrot. Especially bakeries use that day for special sales and advertising. Sometimes Butterbrots are given away for free.

Apart from the literal meaning of Butterbrot, the term is in Germany often referring to any kind of bread with any kind of topping. The central European country is famous for its large bakery traditions. They have the most variety in bread and the most popular topping still is butter, which is a very common basic for any kind of sandwich, made in Germany. Although the production of bread even in Germany is pretty much industrialized already, there are still many smaller bakeries left, who have their own oven and own recipes for their own bread dough.

White bread, buns and rolls are not so popular in Germany than in many other countries. In Germany you would rather find farmhouse bread, coarse rye bread, wholemeal bread and many more. Use the Day of German Butterbrot to try the taste of a real, rich German Butterbrot and stay away from sandwiches. This day might also be a good opportunity to find some German recipes for bread dough and try it at home. It is easier than you think and you will be surprised how tasty bread can be. Also your friends and colleagues will be glad if you share yourself made German Butterbrot with them.

Where is Day of German Butterbrot?
When is Day of German Butterbrot?
Friday, the 27th of September 2024
Only 106 days left!

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