Emma M. Nutt Day 2022

September 1, 2022 in the World

Emma M. Nutt Day is observed on September 01, 2022 and is dedicated to the first female telephone operator. Furthermore this day honors the important work of the traditionally essential job of telephone drivers. On September 1, 1878 Emma M. Nutt started working for the Boston Telephone Dispatch Company and continued doing so for 33 years.

Shortly after Emma M. Nutt her sister Stella became the world's second telephone operator. A telephone operator or switchboard operator had in early times of telephony the assignment to get incoming calls and connect them to the requested interlocutor by inserting a pair of phone plugs into the appropriate jack.

Where is Emma M. Nutt Day?
When is Emma M. Nutt Day?
Thursday, the 1st of September 2022
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