Labor Day 2024

September 2, 2024 in the USA

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day, observed mostly in the USA and Canada takes place annually on the first Monday in September, which is September 02 in 2024. It is one of only ten public holidays in the USA and is therefore a day off for public employees, government agencies and most other employees, too. Labor Day is associated to the “Knights of Labor”, an American labor organization, founded in 1869. The working class shall be honored on Labor Day. Labor unions organize events and parades for that.

Apart from the political background of that day it is also regarded as the festive end of summer in the USA, which is the reason why they also observe the Last Day of Summer on the same date. Teenagers organize their last summer party before school. Families use tha day off to go on a little holiday. Usually Labor Day is spent with picnics, public events, BBQ or anything else. At the same time the college football season starts. Traditionally Labor is the last day of the year to wear white clothes.

Labor Day is observed in the English speaking world. New Zealand and Australia celebrate employees and workers following the eight-hour working day demonstrations. Every nation has got its own movements according to working conditions. It is unknown who was the actual initiator for Labor Day in the USA. Traditional Labor Day Sales most often include party items, packed picnic baskets, games and anything you need to spend a great day outside associated with summer and holiday.

The first important Labor Day Demonstration took place in 1882 during the Pullman Strike in Chicago, Illinois. The aim of that strike was the establishment of an eight-hour-working day. There were strikes in Europe, too and demonstrations for better working conditions. Many European countries observe their Labor Day on May, 1. Usually the Sunday before Labor Day is called Labor Sunday but the tradition to hold political speeches on Labor Sunday is no longer observed.

Where is Labor Day?
When is Labor Day?
Monday, the 2nd of September 2024
Only 81 days left!

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