Federal holidays in the U.S. 2022, 2023

In the United States, a federal holiday is a public holiday recognized by the United States government. Non-essential federal government offices are closed. All federal employees are paid for the holiday; those who are required to work on the holiday sometimes receive wages for that day in addition to holiday pay. Currently, there are eleven U.S. Federal holidays, most (but not all) of which are also state holidays. When a holiday falls on a weekend it's usually observed on the closest weekday.

Official NameRemarks
New Year's DayCelebrates beginning of the Gregorian calendar year.
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.Honors Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights leader; combined with other holidays in several states.
Inauguration DaySwearing-in of President of the United States and other elected federal officials.
Washington's BirthdayHonors George Washington. Often popularly, but erroneously, observed as "Presidents Day" in recognition of other American presidents.
Memorial DayAlso known as "Decoration Day", Memorial Day originated in the nineteenth century as a day to remember the soldiers who gave their lives in the American Civil War.
Independence DayCelebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Labor DayCelebrates achievements of workers and the labor movement.
Columbus DayCelebrated since 1792 in New York City, honors the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the America.
Veterans DayThe holiday honors all veterans of the United States Armed Forces, whether or not they have served in a conflict.
Thanksgiving DayAmericans have a Turkey dinner such as the dinner shared by Native Americans and the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Christmas DayA Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming events:

Jan 17, 2022 Martin Luther King Day 2022 USA
Jan 20, 2022 Inauguration Day 2022 USA
Feb 21, 2022 Washington's Birthday 2022 USA
May 30, 2022 Memorial Day 2022 USA
Jul 04, 2022 Independence Day (4th of July) 2022 USA
Sep 05, 2022 Labor Day 2022 USA
Oct 10, 2022 Columbus Day 2022 USA
Nov 11, 2022 Veterans Day 2022 USA
Nov 24, 2022 Thanksgiving 2022 USA
Dec 25, 2022 Christmas 2022 World
Federal holidays 2023
Jan 01, 2023 New Year's Day 2023 USA
Jan 16, 2023 Martin Luther King Day 2023 USA
Jan 20, 2023 Inauguration Day 2023 USA
Feb 20, 2023 Washington's Birthday 2023 USA
May 29, 2023 Memorial Day 2023 USA
Jul 04, 2023 Independence Day (4th of July) 2023 USA
Sep 04, 2023 Labor Day 2023 USA
Oct 09, 2023 Columbus Day 2023 USA
Nov 11, 2023 Veterans Day 2023 USA
Nov 23, 2023 Thanksgiving 2023 USA
Dec 25, 2023 Christmas 2023 World

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