International Day of Rural Women 2024

October 15, 2024 in the World

October 15, 2024 is International Day of Rural Women. This international day initiated by the United Nations (UN) in 2008 supports gender equality and women’s empowerment. It pays attention to the fact that in many countries women try to make their living by raising their own vegetables under poor and exhausting conditions.

International Day of Rural Women is points to the problem that rural women work hard but have no food security and suffer of rural poverty. It is a day to think things over and awake especially the western society to the global imbalance because so many women in rural areas do not have the option to buy their daily food but depend on what they raise in their gardens.

Where is Day of Rural Women?
When is Day of Rural Women?
Tuesday, the 15th of October 2024
Only 147 days left!

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