Martyrs' Day in Albania 2025

May 5, 2025 in Albania

Martyrs' Day in Albania is observed on May 05, 2025. May 5 is the anniversary of Qemal Stafa's violent death in 1942. He was one of the founders of the Albanian National Liberation Movement, a group of mostly young Albanian who rose against the occupation by the Italian army. Martyrs' Day in Albania commemorates all the martyrs that died for Albania's freedom. In Albania people from the government go and visit the families of the many martyrs and show their respect and honor by visiting their graves. It is a day to be thankful for Albania’s independence and freedom and to remember those who fought for it.

Where is Martyrs' Day in Albania?
When is Martyrs' Day in Albania?
Monday, the 5th of May 2025
Only 319 days left!

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