National Bologna Day 2024

October 24, 2024 in the USA

National Bologna Day is observed on October 24, 2024. This day honors a special type of sausage that originates from Bologna in Italy. It is an unofficial food holiday. Bologna or Baloney is usually made of pork very similar to the Italian mortadella but can also consist of chicken, beef or other meats. Most often it is eaten as a cold dish on a sandwich for example with mustard or ketchup as a topping. Especially in the USA it also served in a fried version or as Bologna Bowl, which is a hot bologna slice forming a bowl containing cheese. Bologna, mortadella or lyoner as it is often called in Europe is a very popular luncheon in many countries and truly deserves its own National Bologna Day.

Where is National Bologna Day?
When is National Bologna Day?
Thursday, the 24th of October 2024
Only 151 days left!

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