National Buttercrunch Day 2025

January 20, 2025 in the USA

The 20th of January 2025 is known in the USA as National Buttercrunch Day. Buttercrunch is a delicious mixture containing sugar and butter which have to be carefully heated up. Divers flavors like fruit syrups or vanilla and special features like almond flakes or chocolate chips can be added. The buttercrunch has to be stirred with no interruption during the heating. After that, when it has cooled down again you receive a sweet and maybe not so healthy dessert. National Buttercrunch Day is only once a year and most certainly it will be ok to indulge enjoy some of these neat small bars or toffees.

Where is National Buttercrunch Day?
When is National Buttercrunch Day?
Monday, the 20th of January 2025
Only 182 days left!

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