National Escargot Day 2025

May 24, 2025 in the USA

Burgundy snail crawling on green stem of plant

National Escargot Day is observed on May 24, 2025. It's a day to eat snails! Escargot is a dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer in France and in French restaurants. The word is also sometimes applied to the living snails of those species which are commonly eaten in this way.

In French culture, the snails are typically purged, killed, removed from their shells, and cooked, and then placed back into the shells with the butter and sauce for serving. Farms producing Helix aspersa for sale exist in Europe and in the United States. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Saturday, the 24th of May 2025
Only 342 days left!

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