National Frappe Day 2024

October 7, 2024 in the USA

The 07th of October 2024 is a tribute to frappes and is called National Frappe Day. A frappe is a Greek beverage on the basis of spray dried instant coffee or espresso mixed with sugar, ice and cold water. On top of that bracing beverage there is sometimes cream with chocolate or caramel sauce. The first frappe had been invented by Nestlé employees Giannis Dritsas and Dimitris Vakondios at the International Trade fair in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1957.

The American version of Café frappe consists of milk with instant coffee, while the real Greek frappe does not. The most important things about frappe is that it firstly does not contain ice-cream, but only crushed ice cubes and that is shaken until it foams. Frappes can be made by a normal shaker or special frappe hand shakers. Most often and of course on National Frappe Day this beverage is served in a glass with a straw.

Where is National Frappe Day?
When is National Frappe Day?
Monday, the 7th of October 2024
Only 116 days left!

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