National Noodle Ring Day 2024

December 11, 2024 in the USA

December, 11 2024 is National Noodle Ring Day. This is not just some random food holiday about pasta forming a ring. It is about a special dish everyone can cook who has a bundt pan and noodles. The noodles have to be cooked, and then filled into the bundt pan. Anything can be added now: from eggs, tomatoes, cheese, carrots or bacon up to sauce, meat or pickles. The dish now has to bake and can later be turned upside down. Like it is with most of the numerous food holidays this one too lacks any explanation about its beginning but be it as it may, after all it offers a nice opportunity to try out a new dish and celebrate National Noodle Ring Day with some friends.

Where is National Noodle Ring Day?
When is National Noodle Ring Day?
Wednesday, the 11th of December 2024
Only 236 days left!

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