National Nurses Day 2025

May 6, 2025 in the USA

The National Nurses week starts with National Nurses Day on May, 06 2025. It ends with the International Nurses Day and during this time are eyes on that very important occupation group. Nurses are on duty all over the world assisting doctors and helping sick or injured people to get well again. It is usual to give small presents to nurses on National Nurses Day to show them how much their work is appreciated.

It is unclear how long this day exists but the National Nurses Week is held since 1954. In the USA there are several little feasts held on National Nurses Day and it is a good opportunity to get informed about that job. Many other countries celebrate their own National Nurses Day which proves that nurses are needed and honored everywhere.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Tuesday, the 6th of May 2025
Only 346 days left!

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