Saint George's Day 2025

April 23, 2025 in the World

Saint George's Day takes place on April 23, 2025. The day celebrates Saint George, who is the patron saint of Catalonia, an autonomous community of the Kingdom of Spain, naming Barcelona its capital. Saint George's Day is also known as Lover’s Day, Festival of St. George, Feast of St George, Day of Roses, Rose Day, St. Jordi's Day, and especially locally as Diada de Sant Jordi, El Día de los Amantes, or El día de la Rosa.

In Catalonia and especially in Barcelona, St. Jordi's Day is the most romantic day of the year. Lovers give a rose in exchange for a book to each other to show their love. It’s also a day to spend some romantic time together. However, Saint George's Day is no public holiday, so shops are open and it’s no day off work.

Generally, the day is celebrated by various Christian churches, as well as by countries, cities, and nations of which St. George is the patron saint. April 23 is the date traditionally accepted as the death date of St. George in AD 303. However, this date in the Julian calendar corresponds to May 6 on the Gregorian calendar.

Where is Saint George's Day?
When is Saint George's Day?
Wednesday, the 23rd of April 2025
Only 304 days left!

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