Sandwich Day 2022

November 3, 2022 in the World

Sandwich Day is observed on November 03, 2022. There is a persistent rumor that Sandwich Day takes place on Edward Montagu's III day of death. He was the third Earl of Sandwich, a village in England. People also say that it was him who invented the first sandwich because he longed to eat his meal with his fingers without getting dirty. None of these theories are wholly proved but would not shorten Sandwich Day's pleasures.

On principle a sandwich can be anything to eat between two buns or other kinds of bread. The most favorite sandwich is the hamburger of course. But there is an endless list of other sandwiches like tuna or chicken. The best way to celebrate Sandwich Day is certainly to invite some friends and prepare tasty sandwiches you can enjoy afterwards.

Where is Sandwich Day?
When is Sandwich Day?
Thursday, the 3rd of November 2022
Only 129 days left!

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