Save Your Hearing Day 2025

May 31, 2025 in the World

Save Your Hearing Day is observed on May 31, 2025. The Day should be celebrated calmly and quietly. It is a day to remember how valuable the sense of hearing is. The initiator of this day is not known, but his intention surely was to make people aware of the dangerous noise level that is surrounding everyone. MP3-Players, traffic or airplanes are everywhere and anything louder than 85 decibel is harmful for the health.

Taking part in Save your Hearing Day means to turn down the volume, wear earlaps and go to a quiet place. Leave behind the noises of cars and trucks and visit parks or other peaceful places. The consequences of too much noise are diverse: sleep disorder, hardness of hearing or even heart attacks may occur. It is always better to wear earlaps on concerts or other noisy places but on Save your Hearing Day it is really courteous.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Saturday, the 31st of May 2025
Only 313 days left!

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