St. Catherine's Day 2024

November 25, 2024 in Estonia

St. Catherine's Day is celebrated on November 25, 2024. It has retained its popularity throughout the centuries and is still widely celebrated in modern-day Estonia. It marks the arrival of winter and is one of the more important and popular autumn days in the Estonian folk calendar. It is a day of celebration for the women of the culture, though different meanings come from each culture itself of this day. The customs for the Estonian St. Catherine’s Day are generally associated with the kadrisants (kadri beggars) or kadris, which give the whole day a unique quality, although it is similar to the traditions practised on St. Martin’s Day. Both require dressing up and going from door to door on the eve of the holiday to collect gifts, such as food, cloth and wool, in return for suitable songs and blessings. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is St. Catherine's Day?
When is St. Catherine's Day?
Monday, the 25th of November 2024
Only 155 days left!

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