Stay out of the Sun Day 2025

July 3, 2025 in the World

Woman resting under a beach umbrella to protect herself from sunlight.

Stay out of the Sun Day is celebrated on July 03, 2025. The day remembers you to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun by staying in the shade. Moderate exposure to the sun contributes to the production of vitamin D by the body, but excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has detrimental health effects, including sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer, as well as depressed immune system function and accelerated aging of the skin.

There are different ways to protect against the sun. Sunscreen is a lotion, spray, gel or other topical product that absorbs or reflects some of the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and thus helps protect against sunburn. Umbrellas or sunshades are designed to protect against sunlight by offering shadow. To go out of the sunlight is a very effective way to protect yourself from sunlight. You can do this by going into the shadows or by spending the time inside buildings. (With material from: Wikipedia)

Where is Stay out of the Sun Day?
When is Stay out of the Sun Day?
Thursday, the 3rd of July 2025
Only 346 days left!

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