Pecan Pie Day 2025

July 12, 2025 in the World

A freshly baked pecan pie.

Pecan Pie Day is a day dedicated to a special kind of pie and celebrated on July 12, 2025. Pecan pie is also associated with special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. A pecan pie is a pie made primarily with corn syrup and pecan nuts.

Most pecan pies include also salt and vanilla as flavorings and are served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. The best way to celebrate Pecan Pie Day is to try one piece of this pie, either home-baked or bought in a restaurant or shop. Otherwise it is possible to bake a pecan pie and bring happiness to friends, family, and neighbors.

Where is Pecan Pie Day?
When is Pecan Pie Day?
Saturday, the 12th of July 2025
Only 352 days left!

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