Cherry Pie Day 2024

February 20, 2024 in the World

A cherry pie and single cherries.

Cherry Pie Day takes place on February 20, 2024. English settlers once brought their pies to North America but the origin of Cherry Pie Day is not clear. However, the expected celebration of this food holiday is unambiguous. Invite some friends or family members and enjoy some delicious, maybe still hot piece of cherry pie.

Pies are tarts often filled up with fruits. Apple pies are also very famous and popular as a dessert. Cherry Pie Day is a perfect occasion to try different recipes of cherry pies. Using different kinds of cherries, cutting or puréeing them has impact on the taste of every cherry pie.

Where is Cherry Pie Day?
When is Cherry Pie Day?
Tuesday, the 20th of February 2024
Only 145 days left!

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