Columbus Day 2024

October 14, 2024 in the USA

A replica of Christopher Columbus' ship Santa Maria.

On the second Monday of October, which is in 2024 the 14th of October, Columbus Day is celebrated in the USA. Columbus Day is about the lucky discovery of the American continent by Christoph Columbus in 1492. That is no day off for US-Americans, but they celebrate the beginning of their country’s history anyway. In New York City is a festive parade organized each year.

After Columbus’ arrival in America, the European invasion on the fertile continent started immediately. The land had fertile grounds, mineral deposits and above all space and freedom to offer. The American Dream was born these days and is celebrated on Columbus Day. According to that American Dream, everyone who is ready and willing to work hard for his fortune and to be in control of his own fate, gets a chance in the USA. The Italian people in New York initiated celebrations in remembrance of their famous compatriot in 1866. On August 3 in 1492 Columbus sets sail on the Spanish Santa Maria aiming to find a shorter way to India or China.

For a long time Christoph Columbus was considered the discoverer of America. Today it is clear that this title is not really true. Long before Columbus people have crossed the Northern Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and simply had to land on the American continent. Leif Eriksson or Zheng He is only two of Columbus’ predecessors. The Native American people are the proof for a land bridge that once had existed after the last ice age, on which people could walk from Asia to America.

Ironically Columbus never thought of himself as the discoverer of America. He was sure that he had only discovered a new seaway to “Ias Indias”, the countries behind India, nowadays China. In the USA Columbus Day is discussed a lot since the late 20th century. Many Americans see no reason in being proud of the colonisation of America and the exhaust of the native people by their ancestors. That is why this holiday has been abolished in some places or renamed in Indigenous People Day.

Where is Columbus Day?
When is Columbus Day?
Monday, the 14th of October 2024
Only 87 days left!

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