Family Day 2021

February 15, 2021 in Canada

In most parts of Canada Family Day or Jour de la Famille is celebrated on February 15, 2021 and annually on the third Monday of February. In British Columbia as an exception this public holiday called statutory holiday is on the second Monday of February since 2013. In Yukon, Canada’s smallest territory Family Day is celebrated as Yukon Heritage Day on the Friday before the last Sunday in February. Manitoba’s February holiday is called Louis Riel Day and Prince Edward Island celebrates Islander Day.

In 1990 Family Day was recognized in Alberta first, initiated by Lieutenant Governor Helen Hunley. The idea was to give the people in Alberta time to spend with their families. Generally Family Day is also known as National Heritage Day and used to study the individual family history. Most people in Canada though spend Family Day by doing something nice with their family like doing trips.

Where is Family Day?
When is Family Day?
Monday, the 15th of February 2021
Only 30 days left!

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